Region Africa & Middle East

Logistics Sector Reform in Ethiopia

Client: World Bank

Project Description:

The Ministry of Finance (MoF) of Ethiopia requested the World Bank and the African Development Bank for technical assistance from internationally qualified logistics sector experts to advise the government on the reforms the Government is pursuing for the logistics sector.

The focus of the assignment was to support the Government in translating its vision for the logistics sector (National Logistics Strategy) into reality, by helping diagnose the problems and constraints of the sector, identifying policy actions and priories to bring about the desired transformation of the sector. The consultancy defines strategies for engaging the private sector and bringing about competition in support of greater efficiency. Advice provided should be consistent with the broader aims of the Ethiopian Government and with emerging policy reforms in the management of Public Enterprises. Advise was also requested on issues pertaining to sector development, management/roles and responsibilities, public and private sector participation, financing and monitoring.

The consultancy resulted in a road map for implementation of logistics sector reform. With the aim to activate logistics service providers, reach international standards, and resolve constraints (de-bottlenecking), the following areas of reform were identified:

• Transport Corridors
• Multimodal Transport
• Logistics Hubs
• Cross Border Traffic
• Private Logistics Services
• Strengthening Legal & Institutional Framework

The detailed measures and actions in the road map are presented in the form of a number of matrices, specifying each specific action and measure, by describing the time frame envisaged, the rationale, the main stakeholders (to be) involved, and the implementation requirements.

This project was implemented in close cooperation with a variety of stakeholders participating in the logistics reform committee, as well as stakeholders from the industry.

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Training and Capacity Building for the Logistics Sector in Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia

Client: Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO)

Project Description:

The main objective of the project was to contribute to the improvement of port processes, logistics and customs procedures in Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia. The project intervention consisted of three main components

• Port logistics; assessment of port training needs, port performance and trade facilitation in the port domain; organisation of training courses and seminars on port and trade facilitation,

• Logistics and supply chain management; development and implementation of standardized training programmes on logistics and supply chain management; elaboration of case studies of supply and value chains of import and export commodities (cocoa, coffee, cashew, rice, etc.);

• Customs and trade facilitation; development of national single window systems; development of programmes and workshops on customs and trade facilitation.

The project was conducted in close cooperation with a variety of stakeholders from both the public and private sector in the three countries, and weas actively supported by the Dutch Embassies in Dakar and Accra.

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