Our People

Our team is formed by a qualified, diverse, and international oriented group of experts which can deliver high-quality work in English, Dutch, French and Portuguese.

Harrie de Leijer

Harrie de Leijer is a specialist in the field of multimodal transport and logistics, with a focus on inland waterways transport and ports. He has carried out numerous projects in this field in Europe, South America, Asia and Africa.

Harrie has initiated several interest groups in the field of inland waterways transport in several countries, has been a board member of Netherlands Engineering Associations, and participates in scientific committees and stakeholder groups in multimodal transport.

His speciality concerns the development of master plans for multimodal transport systems and corridors, based on an integrated approach containing the elements of infrastructure, market organisation, institutional organisation, supporting systems, promotion and knowledge exchange. He has been working on multimodal transport and inland navigation projects for the European Commission, Worldbank, Asian Development Bank, international, national and local governments, and private organisations.

In his previous job, Harrie was Director Strategy at Panteia, NEA in the Netherlands and Managing Director of SE-Track in Beijing. For several years he acted as Consul for the Ministry of Transport, Public Works and Water Management of the Netherlands, stationed at the Consulate General of the Netherlands in Shanghai, People's Republic of China. In the early years of his career Harrie worked for TNO, the Netherlands Organisation of Applied Scientific Research and NVI, the Netherlands Institute of Transport.

His experience in transport research and consultancy spans more than 30 years, of which the last 15 years mainly focus at multimodal transport, ports and waterways. For his achievements, Harrie has been awarded with a Knighthood in the Order of Orange-Nassau by H.M. Queen Beatrix of The Netherlands.

Sandra van Putten

Sandra van Putten is an institutional expert (both on bachelor/The Hague University of Applied Sciences and masters’ level/University of Leiden) and specialized in maritime transport policy and international cooperation and export promotion. Sandra has over 15 years of expertise in research and consultancy in the transportsector. Her area of expertise include inland shipping, maritime transport, evaluation and analysis of transport policies, organization of and support to export promotion activities like international workshops (Brazil and the Russian Federation) and market- and feasibility studies. Before joining Panteia/NEA Sandra worked at several policy departments of the Netherlands’ Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment and as financial staff member and project officer at several international cooperation programs of RVO (Agency of Netherlands’ Ministry of Economic Affairs).

Sandra carried out a vast number of projects for clients such as European Commission/DG MOVE, the Netherlands’ Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment, international governments./IFI’s, branche organisations and RVO. The last few years Sandra was involved in several maritime and inland shipping projects like the European evaluation of the RIS Directive, bilateral maritime cooperation between Turkey and the Netherlands (including a.o. a market research on the Turkish maritime sector, government support to Turkey in the field of IMDG cargo and several trademissions) and the evaluation of the Dutch maritime shipping policy.

Richard van Liere

Richard van Liere is a specialist in multimodal transport and port-hinterland connectivity. Over the last decade, Richard has acquired specific knowledge and experience in development of inland waterway transport as part of multimodal transport solutions.

In the field of inland waterway transport, Richard has completed numerous projects in Europe, Asia and South America for international financing institutes, national and regional governments, industry associations and private organisations.

Throughout the years, sustainable inland waterway transport development has become a real area of focus, looking into topics like: multimodal analysis, corridor development and modal shift potential; River Information Services (RIS) and digitalization; integrative development of waterway infrastructure; and various studies related to greening of inland vessels (after-treatment systems, LNG, electric, hydrogen) with the aim to contribute to a zero-emission transport systems towards 2050. Also in the field of education and training, Richard has been active in various projects by bringing in (inter)national experiences and best practices to exchange knowledge.

Today, Richard has the function of project manager/consultant at STC-NESTRA (“Netherlands Expert Group for Sustainable TRAnsport and Logistics”), part of the STC-Group in Rotterdam the Netherlands. Previously Richard worked for STC B.V. (also part of STC-Group) and Panteia (the Netherlands).

Ties de Leijer

Expert in sustainable transport with an active role in international projects aimed at increasing the sustainability of the transport industry. Ties works as a consultant for STC-NESTRA B.V. and is involved in a number of national and foreign research initiatives in the ports, transport and logistics, and multimodal transport sectors. International knowledge and experience gained through education (BSc in Human & Environmental Geography, MSc in Environment & Society Studies). Currently working on projects for the World Bank, Asian Development Bank, European Commission, Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management, regional governments and transport sector organisations.