Argentina Multimodal Transport and Inland Waterways

Client: Dutch Government

Project Description:

The Dutch Government support to Argentina in the field of multimodal transport and inland waterways comprises two combined activities:

1. Pre-feasibility for the Hidrovía Continental, a new 635 km long multipurpose canal in Argentina. The canal could become the backbone of regional systems for multimodal transport and integrated water resources management. The study examines the technical options and the possibilities to develop a feasible and bankable project for multimodal transport. Similarly, it looks at water storage and transfer of the canal to solve the problems of waterlogging and drought in the area. The Hidrovía Continental is to be developed as a transport corridor and economic zone, accompanied by relative-cost reduction measures, IWT supporting policies, and IWT support programmes.

2. Multimodal transport flow model, with the main objective to analyse the potential for multimodal transport in Argentina and provide recommendations on the needed transport network investments and smart logistics solutions to improve the competitive position and regional economic development in the country

STC-NESTRA was responsible for the development of the transport model, and the socio-economic Cost-Benefic Analysis (CBA) of the proposed new waterway.

Train the Trainer Program on Safety and Security Needs for Inland Waterways Transport in Colombia

Client: Nuffic

Project Description:

With the aim to improve safety and security of inland waterway transport operations in Colombia, a tailor-made training was set up to enhance capacity at the Ministry of Transport. This would form the basis to draft a directive for technical requirements and develop a uniform inspection protocol for inland vessels in Colombia.

With the grant from the TMT Nuffuci program, STC-Nestra executed training modules in cooperation with Universidad del Norte. The project was a good example of the synergy advantages between the different entities under the STC Group.

As a parallel activity, a seminar organized at Barranquilla Chamber of Commerce was conducted as part of a series of meetings themed “Building sustainable cities, focus at the river”.