Region Asia

Cambodia Logistics Masterplan

Client: World Bank

Project Description:

The objective of the assignment was to review the existing regulatory framework for logistics services in Cambodia and to prioritize reforms. Various studies have pointed to the fact that Cambodia’s regulatory regime for logistics services is outdated and fragmented. As a result, services are similarly fragmented and high cost, contrary to modern practice which places a premium on seamless service and efficient door-to-door services.

The type of services provided included:

• Desk research on existing regulatory framework for Transport and logistics services
• Mission to Cambodia, including meetins and workshops with key stakeholders
• Diagnosis of bottlenecks for transport and logistics operators
• Reviewing of institutional issues for logistics services, and report on priorities for reform

The conducted study is part of a larger project, the elaboration of Logistics Master Plan for Cambodia by JICA and the World Bank.

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Port Connectivity India

Client: World Bank

Project Description:

The World Bank is financing several investment projects in India in the field of highways, waterways, railways and ports. To improve transport connectivity in the country, the multilateral organization launched an initiative to define possible solutions to improve port hinterland connectivity in the greater Kolkata area.

As part of the overall project, STC -NESTRA conducted the following activities:

• Project scoping
• Draft design of a freight village including a multimodal terminal in Varanasi
• Benchmarking and missions to international good practices
• Capacity building sessions

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